Well. That was an intense six days. Two days at Dev and four days at Prime. I have as many pages of written notes from the last six days of PAX as I do from the last six months of class. I’m having difficulty figuring out what to write here because there is so much information packed into my head. I met some amazing people and attended some career-enhancing panels. First and foremost, the people at Bioware taught me how to put together my portfolio. So that focus is in my sights now. While this blog will still be dedicated to my dissertation, my Tumblr blog (mythandmayhem) will be dedicated to my creative works in progress. There will be glimpses into the creative process with excerpts, pictures, and the occasional video. I have some great ideas in the pipeline, so look forward to those.

Did Someone Say Dragon Age?

Speaking of Bioware, I will admit I barely left their booth in four days. So many events! My little heart was a-pitter-pat. I even got to take my picture with the enormously generous Mike Laidlaw, creative director of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Oh, and I made a new friend because we were excitedly comparing playthroughs. And that, ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries, is the power of good narrative.

And I may also have gotten my copy of Inquisition signed by the team, and now it lives in a very special shrine.


As If I don’t Have Enough To Do

One of the panels that I did leave the Bioware Base for was “So You Want To Be A Game Writer?” I took so many notes my hand developed a cramp. In chatting with panelists and fellow attendees afterward I heard a common complaint: that while the Seattle area has a number of fantastic groups that benefit game developers in general, there isn’t one dedicated just to game writers. So I volunteered to start one. It is rather aptly called the Seattle Game Writers and can be found on Meetup.

Well I’m sure I have more to say but I have papers to write. Yippie. As much as I would love to just work on my dissertation, my portfolio, and the SGW, it must be done. So I bid thee goodnight, dear readers.