Cygna, a princess cursed by her unconventional parentage, is all that stands between her home and ruination. It is a quest her step-mother hopes she won’t survive.

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Ashland Pym

Ashland Pym

Author and Mythologist

Ashland Pym made her debut in the theatre where she won a few minor awards and delighted in tormenting characters, actors, and audiences alike. After taking a break to get her MA/PhD in Myth and Psychology, she returned to fiction with a blend of dark, contemporary, and historical fantasy.

Pym has been a shepherd, a stage manager, a publisher of literary erotica (we won’t tell if you don’t), and a volunteer for collecting otter droppings. She dabbles with myth in academia, couches it into fiction, and lives it in her tiny woodland cottage in Connemara.

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